A woman standing in front of a door wearing a denim shirt.

About Katharine

Detaching from My Story

I choose my Truth over my story everyday.

Relaxing and allowing life to happen is essential to enjoying happiness and being free of suffering.

My Truth is that I am a mother of five biological sons.

I happily co-parent with their father who I divorced through a reliable process of negotiation called mediation.

Through constant self-acceptance of my desires, my emotions, my circumstances, my visions and my many, many feelings, I study and work with all belief systems to align myself with being of highest service to my clients.

When I say being of highest service, I assist people through life experiences to stay focused on the outcome they desire.

It’s easy to get distracted by the people, emotions, behaviors, events and opinions of the world.

The external world calls us in directions that do not align with our desires.

But our desires are always present.

In challenging times, we tend to rely on ourselves to cope.

Theses moments are grand opportunities to reunite with our desires.

I did not expect for my marriage to end when I was four months pregnant with my fifth child.

I learned very quickly, I needed to believe in my desires and correct my habits if I was to create the life of my dreams.

I was angry, unhappy and depressed trying to satisfy everybody in the world.

I was neglecting myself and what I truly wanted.

I was mad. I still get mad and accept myself when I do.

But I decided that a “frustrated and struggling single mom” was not my story.

I wanted to rediscover my Truth and live in my Truth.

And what I discovered was inner peace.

An inner peace that now threads across my life and all my relationships.

Hear me.

You, in your power, is what you and your world needs most NOW.

No one else needs to change.

You can change your perspective.


Just as I did.

This is my story NOW.

You overcome and master your thoughts and feelings to inspire ALL your desires, all your possibility to consciously appear in the world you create.

Just look at me.