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Life and Relationship Coach Helping People Live an Authentic and Intentional Life

A Deeper Awareness to the Self

I am a Life and Relationship Coach and an expert on focused empowerment and thought transformation. My passion is helping people effectively process feelings and emotions.

Beneath the feelings and emotions lie our honest desires. Living intentionally from our desires allows us to be more present in our life. We build confidence by consistently making healthy and proactive decisions based on love and forgiveness. Our decisions create fulfilling moments that lead to extraordinary lives full of positive expectation and increasing joy.

Great things happen in our lives when we have support for who we are, who we want to be and what we want to create. Most of what holds us back, what holds us down, is not Our Truth. We allow outside words, stories, images and opinions to control our emotions getting us to believe that we are powerless when in fact, we are powerful.

I coach people to take charge of their lives by being more assertive and understanding the meaning behind where their thoughts have lead them today, and where they want their thoughts to lead them tomorrow.

Putting your mind toward what you want in your life and having another person cheering you on to stay the path, is a powerful tool in your personal arsenal toward achievement of your desire.

Believing in my clients is what I do best.

I have been down. I have struggled with physical pain and been heartbroken. I have been betrayed, had multiples failures and rejections.

I learned that attitude and self-awareness are key aspects of greatness.

Greatness I believe exists in me. And greatness that exists in you.

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Why Choose Katharine

Working with Katharine has truly been a life changing experience. From the beginning she helped me work through many issues I was struggling with. She also brought to light many new challenges I had no idea I was approaching wrong. Her strength lies in her ability to distill down complex issues and give you the tools to succeed in life. Katharine lives a life of integrity, is empathetic, intelligent and highly driven to help you achieve your authentic life. Working with her has been one of the best decisions of my life.

- Dr. Sean, Private Client